Nature - The Best Healer

In my practice as an allopathic professional (I am a medical doctor from the Bangalore Medical College in Bangalore, India and currently working as the Medical Superintendent at Diani Beach Hospital in Kenya and also a cosmetic surgeon) I have come across numerous occasions when patients ask me whether I know this herbal product or that and thanks to the advantages of the internet I am able to keep abreast of most developments.

It is not unusual for many an allopathic doctor to turn a blind eye to the powers of natural remedies and I for one am a keen activist for natural remedies for the simple reason that they do work and perhaps with insignificant side effects.  However one has to remember that many people get duped by people marketing herbal remedies as inevitably the quality of the ingredients are substandard or they have potentially harmful additives.  In my quest for identifying the most effective and safe herbal and natural remedies I thought about this website and dedicate this site to keep the common man well informed on various herbal and natural remedies.

I sincerely hope that through this site I can bring good reviews on products that I trust and personally endorse and prescribe to my patients.